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Work Injury



there is no trade we cannot cover!



With the revised Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) in place in June 2019, employers are required to maintain adequate insurance for the following employees:

  • all employees involved in manual work; and

  • all other non-manual workers earning $2,100 or less a month.



Employers are susceptible to legal liability from claims under WICA and the Common Law for all employees, even if they are not under the categories mentioned above. As such, Chubb Insurance has developed a holistic solution - Chubb Work Guard, to safeguard employers’ liability, and offer value-added services to enhance productivity and quality of the workplace. This is a work injury compensation program aimed to protect employers and employees by providing above and beyond the basic statutory requirements.




  • Work Injury Compensation is written on full Act benefits or on Common Law basis

    • Offers more than the statutory requirements as shown below:

      Benefits                            Statutory Requirement                Chubb Work Guard Enhanced Benefits

      Medical Expenses                          $45,000                                              $150,000

      Outpatient Leave Wage                  14 days                                             30 days

      Hospitalisation Leave Wage           60 days                                             120 days


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  • Safety Management Consultation

    • Provides assistance to employers in the development and implementation of health and safety strategy

    • Enhances the quality of the workplace environment

  • Healthcare Management Services

    • Provides rehabilitation services for employees, when required

    • Enhances workplace productivity




24-hour coverage for employees, even when they are not at work.



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