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Protect Your Ride:


also known as Masterpiece for Bicycles

Ride with peace of mind knowing your Bicycle and Cycling accessories are covered worldwide

Did you know?

Masterpiece for Bicycles covers your cycling attire, cycling glasses, cycling shoes and cycling computers, wherever you are in the world.

Our Unique Bicycle Insurance covers :

Worldwide Cover

(including transit risks)

All Risks for your bicycles and even personal liability, wherever you go.

100% of the agreed value, with no excess or depreciation.

When you itemise each of your bicycles, we will cover them for the agreed value

from the start.

No Negligent Exclusion

There is no exclusion should you be careless or negligent in taking care of your bicycle.

As long as it is lost or damaged, the policy will respond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who repairs my car if it gets damaged?
    Our insurance companies work closely with a network of authorised workshops across Singapore to provide you with quality repairs in a timely manner. We’ll arrange for repairs with a member of our trusted network.
  • Can I repair my car at my choice of workshops?
    Yes, you may choose to repair your car at your choice of workshops. However, this choice will attract a higher premium compared with repairs down at our authorised workshops.
  • Does Complimentary Car depends on workshop car availability?
    Our insurance company work with a vendor to ensure that you get a similar make vehicle when your car is under repair.
  • Is New for old car replacement available?
    The insurance company will replace your car with a new car of the same value if it’s under 2 years old, has been written off.
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