also known as Masterpiece for Bicycles

Bicycle prices increase every year and cyclists who are serious about their sport are spending big money on high value bikes.   Why put your hard-earned bicycle at risk?

3D Pink Bicycle

Our Unique Bicycle Insurance covers :

Worldwide Cover

(including transit risks)

All Risks for your bicycles and even personal liability, wherever you go.

100% of the agreed value, with no excess or depreciation.

When you itemise each of your bicycles, we will cover them for the agreed value

from the start. In the event of a total covered damage or loss.

No Negligent Exclusion

There is no exclusion should you be careless or negligent in taking care of your bicycle.

As long as it is lost or damaged, the policy will respond.

Have A Question?

What does bicycle insurance cover?

“All Risks” bicycle insurance covers accidental loss or damage that is not specifically excluded in the policy. Examples of excluded risks include wear and tear, damage caused by insects, etc.

Can I claim the full value of my bicycle?

If you insure your bicycle for $10,000 insurance company will pay $10,000 in the event of a total loss.

Can I insure my 10-year old bicycle?

As this insurance sum insured is an agreed value , age of the bicycle does not not matter. No depreciation will be taken into consideration.

I forgot to lock my bicycle and my bicycle was stolen, can I claim?

Yes, it is claimable as the bicycle insurance policy has a "Non-negligent" clause. That means the insurance company cannot fault you of being careless and decline a claim.

What are some typical claim examples?

A rider was coming down Mount Faber at a high speed and suddenly the cyclist and fell. The frame was damaged. The claim was a total-loss claim and insurance company paid the agreed value. A cyclist parked(without locking) his bicycle outside a coffee-joint to get a takeaway coffee. When the cyclist return, he found his bicycle missing. Insurance company paid the agreed value of the bicycle