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also known as Masterpiece for Bicycles

Bicycle prices increase every year and cyclists who are serious about their sport are spending big money on high value bikes.   Why put your hard-earned bicycle at risk?

Did you know?

Masterpiece for Bicyles covers your cycling attire, cycling glasses, cycling shoes and cycling computers, wherever you are in the world.

Our Unique Bicycle Insurance covers :

Worldwide Cover

(including transit risks)

All Risks for your bicycles and even personal liability, wherever you go.

100% of the agreed value, with no excess or depreciation.

When you itemise each of your bicycles, we will cover them for the agreed value

from the start. In the event of a total covered damage or loss.

No Negligent Exclusion

There is no exclusion should you be careless or negligent in taking care of your bicycle.

As long as it is lost or damaged, the policy will respond.

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