Worldwide Cover(including transit risks)

All Risks coverage for your bicycles and even personal liability, wherever you go.


Itemised Coverage

When you itemise each of your bicycles, we will cover them for the agreed value

from the start. In the event of a total covered damage or loss, you will receive

100% of the agreed value, with no excess or depreciation.

No Negligent Exclusion

There is no exclusion should you be careless or negligent in taking care of your items.

As long as it is lost or damaged, the policy will respond.


Cash Settlement Option

Option to receive cash settlement in the event of irreparable damage or loss.


Newly Acquired Items

Immediate cover for new acquisitions within 90 days notification, up to 25% of

the total itemised coverage.


Choice of Restorer

If you choose to have your damaged bicycle repaired, we allow you to choose

your preferred restorer.


This insurance is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited