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  • Who repairs my car if it gets damaged?
    Our insurance companies work closely with a network of authorised workshops across Singapore to provide you with quality repairs in a timely manner. We’ll arrange for repairs with a member of our trusted network.
  • Can I repair my car at my choice of workshops?
    Yes, you may choose to repair your car at your choice of workshops. However, this choice will attract a higher premium compared with repairs down at our authorised workshops.
  • Does Complimentary Car depends on workshop car availability?
    Our insurance company work with a vendor to ensure that you get a similar make vehicle when your car is under repair.
  • Is New for old car replacement available?
    The insurance company will replace your car with a new car of the same value if it’s under 2 years old, has been written off.

This insurance is underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance Limited

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