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Real Life Masterpiece Claims Examples For Bicycles

Damaged due to accident

Insured was riding alongside the road when he was met with an accident, causing him to fall off the bike. As a result, extent of the damages include the bike frame, handle bars, shifters and rear derailleurs. Chubb paid for the repair cost of the bike.


Claim amount paid: S$8,280 

Loss due to theft

Insured noticed mountain bike missing from condo basement. Bike was locked diligently in the bicycle rack after last use. Police report was lodged and Chubb paid for the replacement cost of the bike.


Claim amount paid: S$8,955

Prolonged damage due to fall

Insured initially damaged his bike due to a fall, resulting in a slightly wrapped frame. Did not seek repairs and continued to ride for a few more trips. It was until an overseas trip when the bike became more warped, the frame had cracked and it was beyond repair. Chubb paid for the replacement of the bike.


Claim amount paid: S$16,800

What Chubb Insurance customer say about Masterpiece

“We have insured with Chubb for the past 7 years in Singapore and in that time had to claim for 2 items, both of which were accidental damages. Chubb have been very prompt, very helpful, and very quick in processing our claims, would thoroughly recommend Chubb as you get what you pay for...Chubb have been in my opinion by far the best contents insurance company to deal with and would thoroughly recommend them.”


Jan ‘21

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